Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Humanoid Robots - Portal Gate

a division of the popular Big Brain and Space1

This site supports popular past, present and custom built humanoid robots. Posts with the latest information will continue to appear here and have main index links.
Robot humanoid and human cooperation
First up we have the current JD humanoid Revolution from EZ-Robots, a robotics manufacturing company based in Canada. Next, Isobot and Robonova balance the menu. Finally a custom built humanoid by Humanoido. The sum of these robots in various configurations have a massive following with tens of thousands of users.

We collect useful information at this portal gate - a focal point for support, resources, useful project ideas, and fantastic revelations! Send comments, suggestions and replies here.

The Big Brain is a massive 240,000 processors humanoid brain designed and built for vast robot intelligence. Space1 is a private industry space tourism venture, with humanoid presence, to take you into space via a Safety Rocket.

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