Sunday, February 26, 2017

TH1 Humanoid

TH1 Bipedal Humanoid is a robotics creation by Humanoido. He has two arms, scanning head with ultrasonic eyes that offer night vision, two processors, two legs, and a torso. It uses SSC programming code to position the servos and can be programmed for specific movements. Primary feature is the quad servo core, invented by humanoido, for simple construction. The humanoid has 6 DOF degrees of freedom, walking with two servos. One servo moves the head side to side for vision, two servos move the arms, and one moves the torso.

This version is Level I with two processors installed. This is the rare gold humanoid everyone is talking about at the Lab. Th1 is designed as a kit but there is only serial number one, a single item, making it very valuable to the collector. The thick printed manual has many resources listed for applications and ideas to include languages, choreography, day and night security, signaling, martial arts, robo-chi, aerobics instructor, walking and dancing. Designed for education and experimenters. He has a 16-inch reach and uses nylon bearings for torso movements from side to side. Using the serial servo controller, sliders on the computer are moved to make corresponding moves with the servos. It uses capture motion to capture, edit and playback sequences.