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TH1 Humanoid
Son of Zylatron (Little SOZ)
Mobile Brain Robot
Planet Saturn Moon Titan Lander Explorer Robot.

Humanoid Toddler V1
Humanoid Toddler V2
Humanoid Toddler Kit
TH1 Toddler Humanoid
Humanoid Toddler Leg Machine
Humanoid Toddler Talker
Humanoid Toddler HT Version
Humanoid Can Man V1 - 1 Stamp processor motion mobility, sensors
Humanoid Can Man V2 - 2 Stamp processors added speech
Humanoid Can Man V3 - 3 Stamp processors more servo control
Humanoid Can Man V5 - 5 Stamp processors runs other boards
Penguin Robot Wireless

3-Brain Penguin wirelessly connects three Penguin robot brains together, shares command data transmitted by a master Penguin brain on a wireless infrared communications channel. Uses stock Penguins, PBASIC programming & no added hardware necessary.

Penguin with 12 Brains (aka Penguin on Supercomputer)
World's smartest Parallax Penguin Robot. In this project, Penguin's brain was connected to the BASIC Stamp Supercomputer. This created the potential to write 16,000 instructions, added all the resources of the Basic Stamp Supercomputer, 176 controlling ports, color uOLED display, green screen LCD, ultrasonic vision, presence sensors, memory, speech in English and Chinese.

The Brain of All Brains Penguin Robot
A Penguin robot with its BS2px-24 motherboard was initially connected to the BASIC Stamp Supercomputer BSS collective of 12 computers. Then the BSS was upgraded to more computers (~20) and the Brain of All Brains was born. The brain of Penguin Robot was disembodied by tapping into and connecting it to the BSS Supercomputer through the built in PIN Port. In a kind of Brain Cortex collective extension, Penguin's brain was made into a parallel cluster of processing power, rewiring the original thought processes, creating a hive or gang of Synaptic Regio, more closer to mimicking a human's brain. Overall, the operation was a great success! The brain surgery was simple and accomplished by hand. Connect 3 wires, + to Vdd, - to Vss and S to P2 on Master Computer MC. The power of Penguin's brain became so fantastic, that accessing all the power and all the sensors and all the peripherals made it "THE BRAIN" of All Brains!

In this experiment, a Parallax Penguin robot had its head expanded to include more brains. It was connected to the BSS Supercomputer, the Master Offloader machine and rogue boards and processors. The M.O.M. machine has ten processors, the BSS has twelve processors, another two plus the Lenovo PC, and Penguin has one, making a total of 26 brains!

Legion of Superheros Robot Magazine * Penguin Robot Superhero
Robot Magazine * Source Code 
Robot Magazine * Notes & Diagrams
Twelve Penguins, each with one BS2px processor, operating in parallel
Photos in Robot Magazine

Penguin Astronaut
A flying Parallax Penguin persona. After the Penguin Super Hero project, a Penguin Astronaut was developed for trips into space. Because Penguin robot uses the most powerful Stamp processor and already has sensors built in (compass, light sensors, infrared sensors, input switch, seven LEDs (as segments), ports for sensor add ons), it makes an ideal "working payload." As an astronaut, Penguin can control things with its two tiny and light weight leg NARO servos. More information about Penguin is at the PRS Penguin Robot Society.

Bat Penguin
Read Penguin Tech Magazine issue #3 for the construction article. Robot with Batman persona reads battery level. Uses one light sensitive CaS photocell on Penguin's motherboard to read the power LED.

Penguin Superhero
Superhero robot with super powers, article published in Robot magazine

Penguin Humanizer
robot detects humans with PIR technology and by wearing a top hat

Penguin Seeing Eye Dog
robot acts as a seeing eye dog with ultrasonics, sees in total darkness, helps visually impaired navigate, has audible response based on sound.

Penguin Old Age
robot with old age persona, walks like a very old man

Penguin Weightlifter robot lift weights. The weights are Chinese coins stacked on one or two feet.

Penguin Happy Feet Dancer
robot dances with happy feet

Penguin Soccer Player
robot plays soccer with infrared remote

Penguin BOE-BOT
Robot that's a very tiny Boe-Bot robot

Penguin BUG
robot takes the form of a bug eyed bug

Pocket Penguin
smallest form factor robot fits in shirt pocket

Penguin the Brain
robot with the most powerful brain

Santa Penguin
robot with Santa Claus persona

Penguin Skater
robot with its own skates to rollerskate

Transformer Frog
robot that transforms into a frog

Penguin Cricket
Robot transforms into an annoying cricket. Basically, as a practical joke, Penguin thinks it's cool to hide somewhere (behind the couch) and transform into a cricket, randomly chirping to drive everyone totally insane! Here's the plan: while hiding, Penguin bot will use a random number generator and Virtual Sound Synthesizer to chirp like a cricket, and do it so randomly in time that locating the sound will be difficult. He chirps, then naps an unpredictable time, wakes up, chirps again, then repeats the process! The cricket sounds coming from the peizo speaker are intentionally selected for volume and frequency to create a virtual surround sound appearing to come from every direction. Transforming into a cricket uses numerous techniques. The code includes nap, random number generation, Virtual Sound Synthesizer, virtual surround sound, volume,
timing, frequency, and power consumption reduction (PCR).

The Determinator Penguin
Code Name: penguin_sound_determinator.bpx
Penguin accepts values to find the desired tone. Penguin becomes a freqout frequency sound determinator. Input values to find the right tone sound you're looking for. This is code to cycle through the values based on entered frequency numbers, and play the resulting tones.

Penguin with the Big Finger
Penguin Tech is Born! - Penguin Robot Society [PDF]
 Finally the little bot can flick his big finger to the world. This sole finger is made from a Piezo Film Vibra Tab Mass sensor by Parallax, part number 605-00004. * Low Cost * Light Weight * Simple Code * Easy RC Circuit * Uses only 1 sensor and 2 parts (diode, capacitor). Read about it in Penguin Tech Magazine 1.

Carpet Shag Walker Penguin the only Penguin that can very effectively walk on carpet, high steps to avoid snagging the rug
(from the penguin_program_name.bpx suite)

Penguin Line Dancer
(from the penguin_program_name.bpx suite)

Penguin AI
See if you can outsmart the AI Penguin robot playing Tic Tac Toe. If you play a game and Penguin wins, there must be some intelligent thinking in the process. This is one form of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Though AI is a debatable field with many aspects, this demo example makes use of the ancient game of Tic Tac Toe. Pit your wit against Penguin robot. This version has it all - graphics, sound, Penguin laughter, Cats game, and winning and losing!

Ultravision Penguin
Code Name: penguin_ping_ultravision.bpx
Purpose: PING))) Expansion Enables Ultra Vision, Penguin can see from 1-inch out to 9-feet! Just plug in the Parallax PING))) and run this
code. Ultravision is a unique way of seeing things, even in total

Memory Master Penguin
Code Name: penguin_memory_master.bpx
Penguin is a Utility, Diagnostic, and Programmers Tool. Read or write to memory with a series of utility programs to help in developing code. With this program, you can look into the brain for memory observation or do surgery.

Penguin Spy Bot
This is a Penguin robot with a big watchful eye that can hide and see people walking around. The eye has purpose - count people passing by a doorway.

Penguin on LCD
Penguin Robot is now on LCD. Robot has on board LCD for communications. Code includes all details necessary to attach a BPI-215 Scott Edwards LCD Display. This program displays two lines at the full LCD speed of 9600 baud.

Penguin Runner
The fastest running Penguin robot on the planet! This new Penguin robot persona is a motion control program that adds the function of run to penguin. Penguin will run a short distance, then stop. Push reset to repeat.
Scout Penguin
Boy Scouts will be envious of this scouting master equipped with a compass, light beacon, and morse code signaling device

Aerobic Penguin
Robot does aerobic exercises

Penguin Talker
Robot talks

Virtual Gearing
A virtual gearbox

Virtual Keyboard
A virtual keyboard

Virtual Sound Chip Robot
The ultimate soundbox with a VR chip that creates fantastic sounds

Virtual Servos Robot
The first Penguin robot virtual servo, has no weight yet moves the robot in the third direction

Tertiary Adjunct 1 of 12 robot with Parallax robot board
Tertiary Adjunct 2 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 3 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 4 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 5 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 6 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 7 of 12 with PING)))
Tertiary Adjunct 8 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 9 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 10 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 11 of 12
Tertiary Adjunct 12 of 12